Allen Bradley Panel View 2711E-K14GB 1400e Terminal –

Allen Bradley Panel View 2711E-K14GB 1400e TerminalAllen Bradley Panel View 2711E-K14GB 1400e Terminal

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General Description:
PanelView ‘e’ terminals provide high performance HMI functionality for complex processes and large applications. These terminals provide powerful data processing capabilities such as trending and expression handling, along with the ability to efficiently operate in large Remote I/O, Data Highway Plus and ControlNet applications. The PanelView 1000e terminals are available with either touch screen or keypad input.


  • Expanded messages include 4,000 Alarm, 10,000 Local and 10,000 Information messages to provide information to the operator.
  • PCMCIA Memory Card can be used to update and save application files without using a personal computer. It can also store and run applications allowing the base user memory to be expanded up to 15.75 MB.
  • Overlapping objects allow control devices such as push buttons and indicators to be placed directly on top of other objects such as a bitmap of a machine layout, making operator control more intuitive.
  • Expressions (and operations) allow local manipulation and evaluation of data, reducing PLC addressing and logic.
  • Online Trending allows the PanelView terminal to track specific process data tracking over a period of time and display it graphically on the screen as a line or symbol graph.
  • Extensive alarm handling during fault conditions is handled through Alarm Windows, Alarm Status Screen, and Alarm History Screen. Audio indicator can also be configured. A relay on the back of the terminal can be used to activate loud horns or highly visible devices. The RS-232 port on the back of the terminal allows for printouts of alarms or screen reports.
  • Easy migration path for PanelView 1200 terminals – application files are completely converted and no changes required in the PLC program or the Remote I/O network.



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