Maximizing Efficiency and Savings through Expert Repairs

Part repairs for obsolete engineering controls are critical to your plant’s Maintenance and Operations. In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing and building supply, equipment breakdowns can disrupt operations and drain resources. At TCI Supply, we recognize the pivotal role that repairs play in ensuring uninterrupted functionality and optimizing cost-efficiency in industrial and HVAC applications.

The Importance of Repairs

Repairs serve as a cornerstone in the seamless operation of machinery and systems. With more parts going obsolete every month, engineers and project managers can be faced with difficult decisions whether to save one faulty part or to upgrade to a new expensive assembly. Whether it’s a critical component in a manufacturing assembly line or a vital part of an HVAC system, timely repairs can prevent costly downtimes and extend the lifespan of equipment. By addressing issues promptly, businesses can maintain productivity levels and mitigate the risk of extensive damage.

Our Commitment to Quality

At TCI Supply, we prioritize quality and reliability in every repair service we offer. Our team of skilled technicians meticulously inspects and evaluates each component, adhering to rigorous standards to ensure optimal performance. Rest assured, all repairs undergo thorough testing under strict supervision, testing every diode, cleaning every gear, and running under supervision. We stand behind our workmanship with a comprehensive one-year warranty, providing our customers with added peace of mind, and guaranteeing their efficacy and longevity.

Comprehensive Repair Solutions

-PLC Controllers
-Burner Controls
-Chart Recorders
-Mod Motors
-Flame Scanners

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TCI Supply can help save you money by repairing a broken part or system.   Replacing a key part can save years of lifespan on an industrial or HVAC application.

Our repairs are tested under supervision and come back to you with a one year warranty.

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