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Allen Bradley by Rockwell Automation is the premier name in automation and electrical controllers.  Based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Allen Bradley offers the full range of electrical and automation equipment to help your engineers navigate from design and installation through operation and maintenance.  At TCI Supply we stock a wide range of AB products, from PLC Controllers to PanelView terminals, contactors, pushbuttons, speed drives and relays.  If your team builds control panels, we can help you outfit the rack with the correct processor, input output modules, amplifiers, power supplies and the chassis.  We stock many parts here, from factory sealed new parts to legacy series.

1756, 1785, 1734, 1769 5069, 2711P, and 1746 Series

We are not authorized by Allen Bradley.  All products come with a one year warranty.

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Allen Bradley 1756SC-CTR8 ControlLogix Counter Input Module

The 1756SC-CTR8 is a counter Input Module that is manufactured by Spectrum Control. The 1756SC-CTR8 features under the 1756 ControlLogix series and comes with 8 single ended counter input types. The module operates at a counter speed of 0 to 65 Hertz and has an isolation voltage of 2550 Volts DC. The 1756SC-CTR8 also features an input frequency of 1 to 65 Hertz with an input impedance of 24 kOhms. The module features a backplane current of 230 mA at

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Allen Bradley 1756-WS ControlLogix Weigh Scale Module

The 1756-WS weigh scale module is made by Hardy Solutions and designed to be installed in the Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC chassis. The 1756-WS scale module is a single weigh scale module and it reads the diagnostic data and weight from a set of strain gauge sensors or load cells and it transfers this data over the chassis backplane to the central ControlLogix processor. The 1756-WS module digitizes and conditions the weight signals and transmits the gross weight, net weight,

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Allen Bradley 1756-TIME ControlLogix Time Synchronization Module

The Allen Bradley 1756-TIME is a ControlLogix time synchronization module that uses GPS technology to provide accurate time synchronization on different interfaces. The different protocols and standards for synchronization includes the Inter-range Instrumentation Group Code B (IRIG-B) standards, PTP (Precision Time Protocol) on Ethernet and the ControlLogix backplane, Network Time Protocol (NTP) over Ethernet, and ControlLogix backplane for CST (Coordinated System Time) and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) conversion. The 1756-TIME Synchronization Module is powered through the ControlLogix backplane. Its status

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Allen Bradley 1756-TBSH ControlLogix Removable Terminal Block Module

The Allen Bradley 1756-TBSH provides a flexible linkage between 1756 I/O modules and plant wiring. It is an I/O module accessory that needs to be ordered separately from the module. This 20-pin spring-clamp RTB ships with a standard housing. It is part of the Bulletin 1756 Removable Terminal Block series that are plugged into the front of ControlLogix I/O modules. It is compatible with selected 1756 Series of AC Digital Inputs, AC Digital Outputs, Analog Inputs, Analog RTDs and Thermocouples,

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Allen Bradley 1756-TBS6H ControlLogix Terminal Block

The Allen Bradley 1756-TBS6H is a Removable Terminal Block (RTB) for 1756 I/O modules. It is an I/O module accessory and must be ordered separately. It provides flexibility in interconnecting 1756 I/O modules and industrial plant wiring. It is easily plugged into the front section of the I/O module. The 1756-TBS6H removable terminal block is a 36-pin spring-clamp with standard housing (wiring arm depth < 2.5 〖mm〗^2). It has dimensions of 5.51 x 4.41 x 5.71 in. and it weighs

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Allen Bradley 1756-TBE ControlLogix Terminal Housing

The Allen Bradley 1756-TBE is an Extended-Depth Housing used when additional wire routing space in an RTB is required for applications. It is ordered separately and is a component of the Bulletin 1756 Removable Terminal Block Series that uses heavy gauge wiring. The I/O terminal block and extended-depth housing combination allows up to 628 sq. mm wire capacity. The 1756-TBE Extended-Depth Terminal Housing protects wiring connections by providing a cover to the wired RTB when it is seated on the

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Allen Bradley 1756-TBCH Removable Terminal Block

The Allen Bradley 1756-TBCH is a Removable Terminal Block (RTB) for 1756 I/O modules. It is an I/O module accessory and must be ordered separately. The 1756-TBCH provides flexibility in interconnecting 1756 I/O modules and industrial plant wiring. It plugs into the front of an I/O module. The 1756-TBCH removable terminal block is a 36-pin cage-clamp with standard housing (wiring arm depth of 2.5 mm. sq.). When terminating signal to the RTB, the required Torque is 0.5 Nm screw torque.

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Allen Bradley 1756-SYNCH ControlLogix Synchlink Communication Module

The Allen Bradley 1756-SYNCH is a ControlLogix SynchLink Communication Module. It features data broadcasting and time synchronization for better-coordinated drive control and motion distribution. The 1756-SYNCH establishes communication between a ControlLogix chassis and a SynchLink fiber-optic cable. It features a high-speed data transfer between different chassis and it helps coordinate the system time of multiple ControlLogix chassis. It allows motion axis data to be consumed between various controllers in different chassis. The 1756-SYNCH module has a 5-Mbp SynchLink data rate

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Allen Bradley 1756-RMXT ControlLogix Fiber Optic Cable

The Allen Bradley 1756-RMXT works in pairs (one 1756-RMXT module in each chassis) in controlling the operating states and state transitions –the building blocks of the redundancy operations framework in a redundant system. It features redundant fiber ports for cross-loading; offering no single point of failure of a fiber cable. In a redundant controller system, this module can support as many as 7 enhanced communication modules of any type or combination in each chassis. The 1756-RMXT is part of the

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Allen Bradley 1756-RMC3 ControlLogix Fiber Optic Cable

The Allen Bradley 1756-RMC3 is an essential component in the assembly of a ControlLogix Redundant Programmable Controller System. This fiber-optic communication cable serves as a connector for ControlLogix redundancy modules once the chassis pairs and their components are installed. It is part of the Bulletin 1756-RMCx Cables that come in different lengths. These redundancy cables are not packaged with modules and should be ordered separately before starting to build the controller system. The 1756-RMC3 Redundancy Module Cable works with both

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