Allen Bradley 1791DS-IB8XOB8 –

Allen Bradley 1791DS-IB8XOB8Allen-Bradley 1791DS-IB8XOB8 DeviceNet Safety Compact Block input module, 8 inputs, 4 test outputs, 8 safety solid-state outputs


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Allen Bradley 1791DS-IB8XOB8 CompactBlock Guard I/O provides all the advantages of traditional distributed I/O for safety systems. Distributed safety I/O reduces wiring costs and startup time for machines and cells, as compared to in-chassis I/O. You can use Allen Bradley 1791DS-IB8XOB8 Guard I/O with any safety controller that communicates on DeviceNet or EtherNet/IP networks using CIP Safety, for the control and monitoring of safety circuits. Allen Bradley 1791DS-IB8XOB8 Guard I/O detects circuit failures at each I/O point while providing detailed diagnostics directly to the controller. With CIP Safety you can easily integrate safety and standard control systems by using safety and standard messages on the same wire.

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