Allen Bradley 1756-ESMCAPK ControlLogix Energy Storage Module (ESM)

The Allen Bradley 1756-ESMCAPK is a Capacitor-based ControlLogix Energy Storage Module (ESM). It comes installed with the ControlLogix L7 and GuardLogix L7 controllers instead of a battery.

It provides power for saving the program to Nonvolatile Storage (NVS) memory if power is switched off. It can also clear the program from NVS memory of the 1756-L7x controller. The 1756-ESMCAPK has an embedded real-time clock to update the controller’s time.

The 1756-ESMCAPK module draws a current of 330 mA at 5.1V DC and has a maximum power dissipation of 13.3 watts. It can be installed in any slot in a ControlLogix system chassis and has an open enclosure. It has an operating temperature range of 0 – 60 Degrees Celsius and a 30g shock absorption capacity. The 1756-ESMCAPK is made for use in a clean, dry industrial environment with Overvoltage Category II standards. It begins charging after installation in a 1756-L7x controller indicated by ESM Charging and CHRG status indicators.

The 1756-ESMCAPK module must be used with some precautions. It cannot be removed or replaced once installed. The ESM must not be removed immediately if the chassis power is switched off or the controller has been disconnected. Before removing power from the controller, always allow the ESM to finish charging, or the application programs will be lost.


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Specification Sheet .pdf


Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
Brand Allen Bradley
Part Number/Catalog No. 1756-ESMCAPK
Series ControlLogix
Module Type Energy Storage Module
Current Draw 330 milliamps at 5.1 Volts DC
Enclosure Open
Operating Temperature 0-60 Celsius
Power Dissipation (Max) 13.3 Watts
Operating Temperature 32-140 Fahrenheit (0-60 Celsius)
Enclosure Open
Enclosure Open
Operating Temperature 32-140 Fahrenheit, 0-60 Celsius
Location Chassis (Any Slot)
Slot Width 1


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