Robertshaw 2211-512 T12-3011 Pneumatic Thermostat –

Robert Shaw 2211-512 T12-3011 Pneumatic ThermostatRobert Shaw 2211-512 T12-3011 Pneumatic Thermostat

• Small size, approximately 2 x 2 in. (51 x 51 mm).
• Attractive appearance (various metal or ABS plastic covers
• Factory calibrated. S.S. ball-in-seat provides pneumatic
feedback for linear, stable operation.
• Easy-to-use throttling range adjustment and recalibration.
• Adjustable (patented) bimetal shows actual throttling range
in both qF and qC. Adjustable 2 to 12qF (1 to 6.7qC).
• Setpoint (in both qF and qC) shown on thermostat body
with cover removed.
• Leakproof, O-ring seal


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