Johnson Controls VG2431YM+867C02 Valve Actuator –

Johnson Controls VG2431YM+867C02 Valve ActuatorJohnson Controls VG2431YM+867C02 Valve Actuator

6″ NC Iron

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VG2x31 Series Valve
VG2000 Series cast Iron Flanged Globe Valves are designed primarily
to regulate the flow of water and steam to the demand of a controller.
For complete details refer to VG2000 Series Cast Iron Flanged Globe
Valve Product Bulletin LIT-977133.

VG2x31 Series Valve
• controls hot or chilled water, 35 psig saturated steam
• ANSI cast iron 125 flange meets ANSI B16.1
• ANSI III closeoff, leakage: 0.1% of maximum flow
• 175 psig static pressure rating at water temperatures 35 to 150°F;
decreasing to 125 psig at 281°F
• maximum recommended operating pressure drop: 35 psig

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