Johnson Controls MP843E001 Actuator

Jonson Controls MP843EJohnson Controls MP843E001 Actuator

9-13 PSI Spring Range, 3/4″ Stroke, 1/4″ OD Barbed Fitting Air Connection, 25 PSI Max Control Pressure, Spring Return Stem Up, Pneumatic Valve Actuator (50 Square Inch) without Mounting Kit

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The Johnson Controls MP843E001 Actuator is a pneumatic valve actuator featuring a 9-13 PSI spring range and 3/4″ stroke. It includes a 1/4″ OD barbed fitting for air connection, accommodating up to 25 PSI maximum control pressure. Designed for applications requiring spring return stem up operation, this actuator supports precise control in HVAC and industrial systems.

With a piston area of 50 square inches, the MP843E001 Actuator delivers reliable performance without a mounting kit, offering flexibility in installation configurations. It is engineered for durability and efficiency, ensuring smooth operation and longevity in various environments.

This actuator is suitable for controlling valves in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and other fluid handling applications, providing accurate modulation and dependable service under varying operating conditions. Its robust construction and functional specifications make it a preferred choice for integration into complex automation systems where reliable pneumatic actuation is essential.

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