Honeywell RA890F1296 Protectorelay Control –

Honeywell RA890F1296 Protectorelay ControlHoneywell RA890F1296 Protectorelay Control

208 VAC

Primary control provides solid state, electronic flame safeguard protection for industrial and commercial single or dual fuel burners for rectification type flame detection.

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• Uses rectification principle of electronic flame detection.
• Replaces RA890E in most applications and mounts on same Q270A1024 Subbase.
• Recycles if flame signal lost while in Run. Failure to establish pilot results in a lockout.
• Safe-start check prevents start-up if flame-simulating failure occurs in flame detector circuit.
• Includes built-in protection against ignition crossover in flame rod systems.
• Includes SPDT alarm contacts.
• Solid state circuitry.
• Mounts and removes easily through use of captive mounting screws.
• Mounting base is made of strong thermoplastic.



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