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Fireye 59-470We can offer you great assistance and pricing on the Fireye 59-470 Fireye scanner cable, 6 wire.


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The Fireye Simplicity scanners are micro-processor based flame scanners, utilizing high sensitivity UV  tube  detectors.  The  Simplicity  scanners  incorporate  an  internal  flame  relay  with  preprogrammed switching and gain settings, eliminating the need for a remote amplifier and complex field adjustment.

The latest in flame safety technology is the Fireye line of burner controls.  These combine safety, communication, and diagnostics into one compact, integrated, and affordable control.  Fireye works with a range of commercial and industrial applications: burners, boilers, furnaces, kilns, and more.  The energy conservation features significantly reduce unnecessary and wasteful purge related heat losses.  For newer style burners or old, TCI Supply will help keep you safe and warm.

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