Chevron NLGI 2 Black Pearl Grease –

Chevron NLGI2 Black Pearl GreaseChevron NLGI 2 Black Pearl Grease

Chevron Black Pearl Greases EP provide outstanding film strength and adhesive properties. As a result, these products are particularly effective in providing superior wear protection in heavily loaded and shock load conditions.
Chevron Black Pearl Greases EP stay in place, sticking to bearing surfaces and, thus, provide excellent lubrication under a wide range of operating conditions. They perform particularly well in roller bearings. These products provide exceptional water wash out results. They perform well in applications where cascading water or actual bearing submergence can occur. The rust inhibitors effectively protect bearing surfaces against corrosion. Pumpability is excellent over a wide range of temperatures as indicated by the Lincoln ventmeter test and the relatively low pressure drop in piping. Oxidation inhibitors ensure long life in storage and in use. In addition, Chevron Black Pearl Greases EP also perform well at high temperatures.

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