At TCI Supply, we distribute a wide selection of industrial products. Take a look at the different lines of products we sell!

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We have an on site repair bench at TCI Supply. We can help save you money by repairing a broken part or system. Call us at 1-800-755-2883 today for prices and expert advice!

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At Titanic, we serve a wide customer base, but have the industry experience and knowledge to serve each of these niches individually. Our customers include industrial manufacturers who employ heat of upwards of 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit. We also distribute to other manufacturing facilities, and food makers who do not require as high of temperatures for production. Titanic also serve hospitals, municipal governments, schools, and other buildings that require large heating and cooling applications. All of these customers rely on TCI

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About TCI Supply

TCI Supply, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of industrial and HVAC controls as well as other components. Founded in 1982, we have over 25 years of experience helping our customers find needed parts. Whether it be a small thermostat, or an individual valve, our helpful staff are able to give you pricing, avalaibility, and technical support. Engineering is always available for new applications. We have an on-site repair bench. If you are interested in having any of your components or

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