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belimo electric actuatorsTCI Supply can help you cross any Belimo or Dynacon electric motor. We can help you determine which new part number your actuator can be crossed with, if you need assistance. TCI Supply offers great prices and quantity discounts. We ship these products worldwide! We normally stock these items.


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Manufacturer Part Number   Manufacturer Part Number
Belimo AF120 Dynacon MEP-455-300  (F)
Belimo AF24 Dynacon MEP-455-100  (F)
Belimo AF24-3 Dynacon MEP-455-500  (F)
Belimo AF24-SR Dynacon MEP-7552  (F)
Belimo AFR24-3 US Dynacon MEP-7551  (F)
Belimo AM24 Dynacon MEP-7501  (F)
Belimo AM24-S US Dynacon MEP-7502 w/CME-7002  (F)
Belimo AM24-SR Dynacon MEP-7502  (F)
Belimo GM24 US Dynacon MEP-7801 w/CME-7002  (F)
Belimo GM24-SR US Dynacon MEP-7802 w/CME-7002  (F)
Belimo LF120 Dynacon MEP-425-300  (F)
Belimo LF24 Dynacon MEP-425-100  (F)
Belimo LF24-3 Dynacon MEP-5373  (F)
Belimo LF24-SR US Dynacon MEP-5372  (F)
Belimo LF24-SR-S US Dynacon MEP-5372 w/CME-1002 (F)
Belimo LM24-3 Dynacon MEP-4001  (F)
Belimo LM24-10P US Dynacon MEP-4013  (F)
Belimo LM24-S US Dynacon MEP-4022  (F)
Belimo LM24-SR US Dynacon MEP-4022  (F)
Belimo LM24-SR T.1 US Dynacon MEP-4002  (F)
Belimo NF24-SR US Dynacon MEP-5372  (F)
Belimo NM24 US Dynacon MEP-5061 w/CME-1004  (F)
Belimo NM24 SR Dynacon MEP-4022 w/1 internal aux switch (F)
Belimo SM24-S Dynacon MEP-7503 w/CME-7002  (F)
(D) = Direct  (F) = Functional

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