Honeywell V5013B1003 Valve –

Honeywell V5013B1003 ValveHoneywell V5013B1003 Valve

Three-way, Globe, 2 1/2 in, Flanged, 63 Cv, Water or Glycol

The V5013B are three-way mixing valves. The V5013C are three-way diverting valves. These valves provide proportional or two-position control of hot or chilled water in closed loop heating or cooling systems. These valves are offered in sizes 2 1/2 in. through 6 in.
• Not suitable for combustible gases.
• Valves utilize direct mounting valve actuators, Q5020/Q5022 linkages with Direct Coupled Actuators, or Pneumatic Valve Actuators to operate the valve.
• Constant total flow through full plug travel.
• Stainless steel stem prevents corrosion.
• Class IV (0.01% of Cv) Leakage Rating.

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