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McDonnell & Miller stands as a trusted name in the realm of boiler controls, renowned for their precision engineering and reliability. From low-water level switches to transducers, controls, and sensors, McDonnell & Miller parts are synonymous with quality and performance. These essential components ensure the safe and efficient operation of boiler systems across various industries. McDonnell & Miller’s low-water level switches provide critical protection against boiler damage by signaling low water levels, while their transducers enable accurate measurement and control of pressure and temperature. With a comprehensive range of controls and sensors, McDonnell & Miller empowers boiler operators with precise monitoring and regulation capabilities, enhancing system efficiency and safety. Count on McDonnell & Miller for superior quality and durability in boiler control components.

MCDONNELL & MILLER FS-254 Flow Switch –

MCDONNELL & MILLER FS-254 Flow Switch Universal design serves the widest variety of applications For starting or stopping electrically operated equipment such as signal lights, alarms, motors, automatic burners, metering devices and others Replacement for common flow switches from Johnson/Penn, Potter/Taco, Watts, Hydrolevel and other manufacturers 1″ NPTM Pipe Connection Sensitivity adjusting screw makes flow adjustment easy Single pole, double throw snap switch EPDM O-ring sealed Four stainless steel paddles included 1″, 2″, 3″ & 6″ (25, 50, 80, &

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