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JCI Johnson Controls International is a major manufacturer offering global diversified technology and full-scale engineering products around the world.  At TCI supply, we stock their valves, actuators, linkages, MetaSys zone controllers, thermostats, switches, and Penn temperature products.  They focus on higher efficiency temperature and automation to make the world more sustainable.

Building automation allows your engineering team to design a network of results across an entire campus, controlling temperature, wastewater, oil & gas, lighting, security, detection and air quality.  Their configurable controls integrate perfectly with modern smart equipment, which helps increase comfort, safety and efficiency.  Please contact JCI directly for service, as we only offer parts.

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Johnson Controls VG2231VN+865C00 Valve Actuator – Great Price

Johnson Controls VG2231VN+865C00 Valve Actuator We ship this product worldwide! Delivery is normally stock. Request a Quote now or call us at 1-800-755-2883 for expert assistance. VG2x31 Series Valve VG2000 Series cast Iron Flanged Globe Valves are designed primarily to regulate the flow of water and steam to the demand of a controller. For complete details refer to VG2000 Series Cast Iron Flanged Globe Valve Product Bulletin LIT-977133. Features VG2x31 Series Valve • controls hot or chilled water, 35 psig

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